Children’s Wear

Over the years children’s wear has evolved in terms of the range of designs and varieties available, and has created its own space in the world of clothing. With a high demand for this range of clothing, we at Studio One formulate and create a wide collection of children’s wear products that are on show in UK high street stores and all over the world. The range of children’s wear we produce is truly vast, including clothes for kids of all ages. Our product range includes all-in-ones, jumpsuits, knitwear, shorts, shirts, dresses, cardigans, coats, skirts, school-wear, and nightwear. The list goes on and on!

Our extensive collection of children’s wear is both comfortable and stylish. It is not an easy task to create garments that give comfort to the wearer and make a style statement, but at Studio One with the sheer hard work of our team, we have accomplished this. Our workers have the skills and experience to create a product that is guaranteed to satisfy the end-user. We can proudly say that since we began operations, we have been able to consistently satisfy our customers time and time again.

As technology has advanced over the years, we have also at the time invested in the latest machinery to cater to the huge demand for our garments. This ensures that we meet our clients’ needs, making us one of the leading garment manufacturers in the UK. We are able to produce children’s wear to a variety of specifications for children of all ages, sizes, and styles. Of course, this has all been backed up and guaranteed by our strict quality control procedures which are implemented at every stage of our garment manufacturing process.

Whether you are looking for party-wear or school-wear for your store, or regular children’s wear, we have the capability and capacity to produce whatever kind of clothing you want. This is without a doubt the secret to our success at Studio One: that we completely understand the needs of our clients, and can produce garments exactly to their specifications. Contact Studio One today for all your children’s wear needs. Trust us – satisfaction is guaranteed.