Why Choose Us

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable design team, based in Leicester, demonstrates a strong awareness of the latest catwalk trends. The Studio One team works closely with you to ensure that both your needs, as well as the most up-to-date trends, are reflected in the designs we produce.

Our team of graphic designers is always on hand, bursting with innovative print ideas, that can be quickly brought to life at our printing facilities. We are also fully capable of providing a bespoke package for our customers.

Studio One is able to produce quality samples quickly and efficiently – be it skirts, jackets, trousers, tops, eveningwear for ladies, or daywear for children. Our capable team of skilled designers and pattern cutters mean we can immediately adapt and react to the latest trends, and ensure your design vision is successfully transferred to the final product.

With a design catalogue boasting over 10,000 items, plus access to the latest trends from international fashion hotspots, including Paris, Milan and London, Studio One promises to bring you unique and up-to-date designs that your customers will just love to wear.